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Cat themed cups and plates Catherine Penfold Ceramics Digital manipulation of Photgraphy Roadkill Kitty Roadkill Photgraphy
Catherine Penfold likes to paint her crazy cartoon cats on ceramics. Check her creations out here
Nathan Comb photographs very pretty women who seem to have something odd on their minds. Check them out here
A mad hun, Roadkill is a well known character around Manhattan and other places. Check out Mr Macabre here
grimoire drawings Mitch Waxman's Demons Russ Braun comics Russ Braun Illustration Dinosaur Page of Weirdass Pogs
These are the sort of things ole Mitch dreams about. Nasty, slithering things with boots and knives. Enter the nightmare here
An old buddy of ours, Russ is a bit of a genius, as we think you'll agree. Click here for some AMAZING artwork or join his army of supplicant lackies here
Mitch Waxman did a series of these back int he eraly 90's. Another goofy fad, it still produced some fun art. Check out the pogs
Zombie 3D Mark Mayers Deadrise Preview Cthulhu Patrick Brown 3D art Timeline of Claverack Hillsdale Claverack Hillsdale Timeline
We met Mark Mayers over at renderosity. We love zombie movies and do 3D comics. Mark has married them together beautifully in Deadrise
Another fella we met over at renderosity (or was it 3d commune?) Check Mr Patrick Brown out here
Ancram Hudson supplies this timeline of the Claverack Hillsdale franchise from it s earliest incarnation right up to today here
Lovecraft Dreamer H.P. Lovecraft Stories Skeleton Prince Starry Ones 3D gallery Flythrough Weirdass MPEG #1
Thanks to Project Gutenberg, we are proud to present the work of the master himself. HP Lovecraft's
Dagon, Cats of Ulthar, The Tomb.
The Starry Ones spawned lots of cool art that got covered in lettering. Here's some of it sans letters
Back when Mitch Waxman had the time to do this sort of thing, he would do a quicktime flythrough of certain important sets for the Starry Ones. Here' Tao Rkkharr's control room.
Kukri Gunship The Cestus War Machine Demon theme mug Mitch Waxman Ceramics bowel shattering Weirdass Mpeg #2
The Cestus were a 40 star system war machine organized in to 3 defensive valences. These are some of their warships.
Check out some of the hand painted coffee mugs Mitch Waxman does to relax, and to drink coffee from. Here
Second in our quicktime series, this one is a real fan favorite. Check it out here
flying saucers Jairn Teseracting Beamships Wallpaper Downloads Weirdass Wallpapers
The Tesseracting Jairn built beamships were the foundation of Grey power over the galaxy spanning Empirate. See what these babies do here.
For your downloading pleasure, let everyone at work know how weirdass YOU are with our wallpapers. Here
fMore coming in the next couple of days.