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Who is not dead,
but instead lies dreaming?

What is it that does not die,
but may, for strange aeons lie?

Where is the great gate,
and what lurks behind it?

Why are dark secrets held in the
dread Necronomicon coming true?

How can you know what it is,
that moves through the heavens?


Ancram Hudson and Mitch Waxman's
Stunning Graphic Novel for the web-
The Starry Ones is a daily comic strip
that ran daily for 173 weeks
from April 2000- August 2003.
Set in a world of far flung alien empires, dueling wizards, and a returning race
of demonic Old Ones, this is the very
core of the Weirdass Comics universe.

The links below serve as guideposts for the major events in the massive story arc of The Starry Ones, & as jumping on points for when some really cool things are happening in the story for new readers. Start at your top left and work your way down the columns. If you dare.
Grey Aliens and so it begins   US Troops defending the book Battle for the Dread Necronomicon Someday, when the stars are right The Old oNes are free
Something strange has happened to the Grey. Click here to start at the beginning
Simyan Keyholder attacks Camp Frasier to win the black book from the U.S. Government.
Click here
IA, IA, the gate is opened, and the Old Ones are free.
Click here
  Paragon of Animals The Transfiguration of Arthur Dorset Attack of the Flying Saucers The Fall of Tamiat The throne of heaven's army Attack of the Angels
Arthur Dorset is reborn as Simyan, the propheced Keyholder of the Old Ones.
Click here
The Grey attack the Karzon Homeworld Tamiat, loosing bloody Havok.
Click here
An army of orthodoxy, the angels maintain a staus quo.
Click here
Atavisst warriors The Return of the Jairn Goon Robogrrl of the Elder Race The Electric Witch What is that dreams, but does not die? The dreamer is awoken
The conflict that will tear the universe apart truly begins when the Goon return.
Click here
From amongst the machines, a digital messiah shall arise.
Click here
Exiled Fthlagen, folly of the Elder Race, is free!
Click here
Cestus Warrior A War in the Heavens Lucifer the Morningstar Enter Lucifer The attack of the Mechanoplasts A Clockwork Armada
The Grey attack the Karzon Empire, and the mighty Cestus war machine.
Click here
The universe that the Old Ones claim is his property, and Lucifer Morningstar will defend his rights.
Click here
Enter the armies of order, lead by the Electric Witch Robogrrl.
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From writer Ancram Hudson and artist Mitch Waxman. A tale of wizards, lovecraftian aliens, and a returning race of monstrous entities called the Old Ones, the first six months of the massive comic epic which ran for 173 weeks at is now available in print for the first time.

The Starry Ones
Book one - Major Arcana.
Full color, 48 pages, 8.5 x11 with card stock covers. $14.99

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Ia IA, the dreamer   Humongogod Genesis Atl Tlachinolli   The Queen of Machines   Adeventures of RoboGrrl in Outer Space The Nailer Calls Calling Earth
There are many servants of the Old Ones scattered about the cosmos. They are calling out to their brethren on Earth, but who is answering?
Click Here
The folly of the Elder Race was to attempt to evolve past perfection. Witness the birth of Fthlagen.
Click here
The Old Ones need a powerful wizard, one not motivated by the demands of flesh, to accomplish their goals. Meet the Skeleton Prince.
Click here
Ship finds a curious bipedal android floating inert in Space. Meet the RoboGrrl
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Haunted House Demonologist   Shaw House Stem Cells   The Web of Yug'S'Goth Mekka Security Forces   The 3 Mekka Transmogrification of flesh The Story of Phil
The Shaws have Ghost problems, and their family is cracking under the pressure, and they receive a visit from Claverack Hillsdale- Demonologist
Coming soon
Ever wonder where Hampton Jitney gets all his magickal power from? It's all in your mind.
Click here
On Planet Rossum, the machines have lost all purpose since the events detailed in the Starry Ones concluded. Meet the 3 Mekka.
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The story of a man caught in a personal hell. His journey of transformation began when the Alien Overlords conquered the Earth.
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Pirates, Terrorists, Thieves... Tales of the Golden Horde: part One The Brain Living Dead on Zombie Planet Tales of the Golden Horde: part Two Zombie Planet John rovnak justin atherton   Chet and the Devil
Since the events detailed in the Starry Ones concluded, Empirate Space has lost any sense of law & order. From this chaos emerges the enigmatic Golden Horde.
Click Here
On a Zombie Planet, where only the dead walk, arrive the Hordemen. Pirates, terrorists, thieves... What is their mission ? Who are they? What are their ultimate Goals? The mystery deepens...
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lJohn Rovnak and Justin Atherton contribute this tale of a personal relationship with the dark one. Hey, the devil can be a real jerk sometimes.
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32 pages of blazing B&W heresy, Ancram Hudson & Mitch Waxman bring us "Sympathy for the Devil, stories from the kingdom of Lucifer Morningstar".
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From the creators of the Starry Ones- six very weirdass comic stories exploring our Lovecraftian side.
32pages of fully toned B&W with a color cover by Mitch Waxman, only $3.00 +s&h
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Next in our channel of stories from the Weirdass Comic universe will be "The Story of Phil". Phil ran as a daily following the Starry Ones and soon proved to be one of our most popular stories.
32 pages, FULL COLOR,
color cover by Mitch Waxman.
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Terrorist, Pirate, Thief, Solider. Who are the Hordemen? What do they want? The traders Guild of Mammun need to find out. Follow the bloody trail that the Golden Horde carve across the stars.
32 pages, FULL COLOR,
color cover by Mitch Waxman.
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If you can get lost in a picture for hours, this portfolio edition of The Starry Ones art is for you. You'll enjoy 80 pages of intricate 3D metascapes presented in glorious color without word balloons. This collection of amazing images focuses on the pure art of Mitch Waxman. It's the perfect size to take wherever you go, so pick up your copy today.
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How can you guarantee yourself 12 months of excitement? Get yourself a Starry Ones calendar, of course. See Mitch Waxman and Ancram Hudson's celebrated opus come to life every day of the year in this lush, full-color, coil-bound calendar. You'll meet the prime characters and visit important worlds as illustrated in The Starry Ones graphic novels and online comic strip.
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Collecting the first 6 months of's daily comic strip, Weirdass Comics presents the Starry Ones by writer Ancram Hudson and artist Mitch Waxman. A tale of wizards, lovecraftian aliens, and a returning race of monstrous entities called the Old Ones, the Starry Ones is a massive
comic epic which ran for 173 weeks at
This is book one - Major Arcana.

Full color, 52 pages.
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Mitch Waxman went to Greece to visit some people and take some pictures. Athens, Crete, and San Torini are revealed in this 92 page book.
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If you don't know Russ Braun from his work for DC and Vertigo, or seen his many stories in Paradox Press's Big Books series, you've missed out on one of the most dynamic minds in comics. Check out this charming 32 page pantomime-
2 eyes made out of Coal.
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Our pal James is one hell of a photographer. He took a trip to Sicily and came back with this amazing series of shots.
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take a bite out of the big apple Deadorld:Necropolis- ON SALE NOW
damned souls suffering the fires of hell for mature readers: violence,profanity, apocalyptic situations
Cover by Joseph Michael Linsner, Story & Art by Mitch Waxman