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Special Notes:
Ok, we missed June. New stuff is on the way. Its just got to be good enough, and its not fully cooked quite yet. Repeats continue for a couple more weeks- then the Terror War continues for a little while. Pickman's camera will be live, guaranteed, before the end of July. Meanwhile- check out Mitch Waxman's photos at flickr to see the birthplace of zeus.

A prophecy:
Amity Steinway will enter the deep earth, fight alongside the king of men, and free the hooded wizard.
Expedition 13 will attack the Persians and loose an ancient curse onto the modern world.
A man with one arm and no country will pry open the pages of the dreaded necronomicon and use it to shatter the iron walls of dhul qarayn.
In the pacific, a blue witch will declare war against that which riseth from the deep. She will fight not for mankind, but at the orders of the increasingly indignant lords of hell.

This is one of the things old Mitch has been working on in the interregnum. Mitch calls this "a deep one at Newtown Creek". PICKMAN's CAMERA will be available soon. and... scroll down for more coolness.

Sunday (april 15) was the seventh anniversary of this website's inception. Its time for a redesign, so please forgive the overgrown column of text you’re reading.

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So, Mitch got kind of sick and... well read the true story strip he did from his hospital bed. Back to work, but still running at 50%, Ole Mitch promises new updates of the Terror War as soon as he can. Knowing Mitch, should be soon.

Captain Roger Healy? Hey- wasn't that the guy from Blowback?

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The Tales of the Golden Horde (different material than found in Weirdass Comics #4) will continue at weirdass comics. Check out the weirdass blog for links to past appearances of Kastenet and crew.
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Thanks for reading "By the Numbers". We'll be revisiting that storyline in a few months. Find out what the feck happened to Claverack Hillsdale and watch as we try to keep Amity Steinway from dying. Details to come at a later date, but its already drawn. Yup, Mitch is giving 3D a rest for a while, and will be drawing the strip with his own little hands. Also, we'll be "indexing" by the numbers for those who want to go back and reread by section.

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Our new comic just arrived at comixpress, by the way, which is the reason why we've been so sketchy in updates lately. We'll have a full preview ready soon, but check out "Tales of the Golden Horde" here.

2006 will see major stuff happen here at weirdass. The return of Kastanet, Yoh, the Hordemen, 3 mekka, and the automated amazon RoboGrrl are all scheduled to grace our page again. Seems there's something weird happening on Shattered Tamiat.

Did that dialogue between death and Ms Seven seem a little familiar? Hmmm. Funny that- Click here, long time readers.

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IF YOU surrender... you shall continue to live...
IF YOU resist our will... you shall suffer cruelly and die
-this is the recorded message that heralds their coming, It signals the approach of fire, and battle, and death. It heralds the arrival of the Golden Horde.


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