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Buy some bones

Some pissed off pachyderms.

A forgotten world

Don't be paranoid

The truth is here

Trouble sleeping?

Believe in the unbelievable?

Nervous about our uncertain future?

The Foundation Story of ancient Sumer

Find out if you have been abducted by Aliens

Some Weird Tales

The forces of evil

Movie geek news

Do you want to believe in Ghosts

I'd like to turn this guy's site into a comic

Check out Fortean Times

Unlimited Anomalies

The Dark Side of the Net

Peer into abyssal darkness

Disinformation on HP Lovecraft

Everything written by HP Lovecraft Thanks WillC


Enter the Matrix

Check out a cool album by Jeffry Braun

An online comics convention

Urban Legends

Scare yourself

Witness the unforeseen results of "dirty bombs"

Enter the Mystica

Before considering a vacation in Hawaii...

The unfiltered version of a new reality...

Follow a man's quest for housing...

The Case for Orion...

The Skunk Ape of Florida...

Click here for more on the Man in the Moon... Thanks- J.Brook

Beware the Cats


The "other side" manifested

The hyphen between Sci and Fi

The Automated Armies of the past

Project Gutenberg

British Bunkers

Pulp Culture

Something Monstrous

Click here for the Big Man

Click here for Cool Robots

The Doom that came to Chelsea
-thanks Coney Island Mike

Whats really going on in the Grand Canyon
-thanks Coney Island Mike

Weegee's World-thanks Coney Island Mike

the savior of the universe- A-HAAAA
-thanks Coney Island Mike

Some cool Pulp magazine covers-thanks Coney Island Mike

the Shizzolator

Comic Book Resources

See what the Aussies have scraped off the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

Hope Osama-bama-fo-fama doesn't hear about THIS guy

The insane genius of Basil Wolvertonlink from weirdlinks

Cool old Comic cover art

The Visible Embryo

Perpetual Motion

Check out The Words and Pictures Museum

If you haven't prepared for April fools

Check out the Obscure Store

Check out Weirdlinks

See whats New with Scientists

Click here, you'll thank us

The latest manifestation of the Patriot Act

Lots of cool stuff

Another demented online comic

Parallel universes exist

Find out what lurks in The Deep Earth

Avoid armageddon

Visit the Nethereal

Check out Sinfest

Check out The Anomalist

You need an exorcism, maybe?

More on Artificial Intelligence

"Why they hate us"

Much of this is above my head

I want this

Mankinds adaptive technolgies

Lovecraft in the Onion
-thanks Steve H

If you're a child of the 80's
thanks Ken761

The interplanetary internet


US govt. operations in the DEEP EARTH

Old school Iraqi devil worshippers


My dream house

Huge Irish Mythology and Fantasy Index!

Guess what? 5/15/2003 is doomsday, Planet X is about to reveal itself. All sides presented here...

I'm sure that somewhere behind all this is some kind of anti-semite, or mother beater, or something, but this is one of the craziest websites I've ever seen...enjoy

Click here- learn about Secret Societies

Satan's Sideshow

More on Orgone Radiation

The profit of our age

Zombie survival tips

Lightning on Demand

The full story on Necronomicon

Ancient atomic wars

Swear in 107 different languages

the Stupid things that kids do..

Scientific Hyperbole

Mil-Spec clarification
-thanks Coney Island Mike

Solve your biggest problem
-thanks Coney Island Mike

Everything on Mars exploration
-thanks Coney Island Mike

Another perspective on Roswell
-thanks Coney Island Mike

Modern ruins-thanks Coney Island Mike

Comic Book Resources

The Eldritch Dark of CLARK ASHTON SMITH

The Lovecraft Library

The Fortean Fauna of Sherlock Holmes
-thanks Coney Island Mike

An incredible online encyclopedia

Reality Carnival

The Visible Embryo

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