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Weirdass partners

Since Ancram and Mitch set up, they've been seeking out a way to bring a printed incarnation of their work to life. We have spent quite a bit of money on samples and shipping pursuing this goal. After years of false starts and dashed hopes, two online vendors have emerged that both meet our needs and satisfy a confluence of price and quality. Both are real businesses, with real people on the other end. Both stand behind their work. Both will allow you to order just one comic, (that's right -one-) print it on-demand, and have it shipped to your address via the method of your choice. Both have a variety of payment options, from paypal to credit card. Both produce superb editions, using the latest technology from xerox and others to print and bind our crazy little stories. is a brand new operation. We found them over at, when they announced their business. The deal with these guys is that you order your comic through a form e-mail. They can be a little slow in processing the order, but within a few days they send you a bill via e-mail. The e-mail links to a secure site where you can choose your payment instrument and shipping methodology. You get your books not too long after. Whole process usually takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Support this, these kids are the future of comics. has been around a little longer, and it shows in the elegantly coded website and huge user community they've created. While a bit more expensive than comixpress, Lulu allows us to print large format, square bound, full color trade paperbacks. Their site uses a shopping cart system, and has a system similar to's. You add the book to your cart, and proceed through checkout to a variety of payment and shipping options. Whole thing takes between one and three weeks depending on how much you're willing to pay for fed-ex.

The quality produced by both these companies is stunning. Color reproduction is near perfect, black and white line is sharp, and the binding crisp. It is our pleasure to offer our work through them.

Hey, why not just print your stuff and sell it through the comic book direct market?
The direct market is a ghetto, pure and simple. While we will be releasing books into the traditional comic shop system fairly soon, the whole point of has been to escape the ever shrinking walls of the comics culture ghetto. We respect the ghetto, its where we're from, but there's a bigger world beyond its borders that we want comics culture to be a part of.