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Kensington Gazzette

Publisher: Kensington Gazzette
Author: Ancram Hudson l1

This is one of the rare and highly sought after issues of the Kensington Gazzette, a British Periodical (Penny Dreadful) which intoduced our favorite demonologist to the world. From 1870-8 Ancram Hudson crafted, in serial format, the early world of Hillsdale and his victorian cast of darkling witches and slithering evil. I acquired this one at a comics convention in Philadelphia in 1976 and it is in excellent condition. Before anybody starts sending e-mails, no it is not for sale, and yes, it is in my safety deposit box.

note: It was during the publications run that the infamous Hillsdale Jinx frist surfaced. First an editor (Niles McConnor) at the magazine was run down by a carriage, and next when the publsiher (Lord Ashwith) committed suicide after an extended battle with opium and absinthe addictions.