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Originally done as a freelance job, the series of illustrations to your left are amongst artist Mitch Waxman's favorite pieces. Drawn by hand on a template page, then scanned into photoshop 2.5 (ca.1995), the art was processed into a pure black and white line and then computer colored and filtered with kais power tools and whatever other filters he had available at the time. The intended publication for these was as a series of Pogs (remember pogs?) and several sets of them were printed just as the Pog era was petering out. Mitch is typically slow on the uptake and often misses out on catching the waves of opportunity which present them selves to him, but as those of you who know him are horribly aware of, Mitch doesn't get much sleep. The ideas that the client requested were "dinosaurs", "ninjas", "monsters", and something "sci-fi". Mitch turned in the series as a sort of stream of consiousness using his patented stress meditation technique. this process involves him sitting cross legged on the floor, clenching every muscle in his body and thinking about all the people he owes money to. As his heart reaches near to bursting, odd images begin to come to him. Resisting both the dagger like pains shooting through his left arm and the desire to move towards the mysterious portal of light, Mitch then attacks his sketchbook with the manic intensity of a rabid ferret. The results are hopefully not illegal or reveal too much of his damaged and blackened soul.

Check out the result at left and enjoy the Dinosaurs (not really based on ones you're going to find in a musuem),The Attck of the Eyegores (a highly derivative and half remembered homage to the classic Mars Attacks card series), a series of Monsters and demons (yeah, small leap there mitch) and a few of the Ninjas.

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