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These videos are set up for the apple video ipod. They conform to the iTunes .m4v format. See our front page for links to the same videos for the Sony PSP. All photos, art, music by Mitch Waxman. Right or option click the image to download to your computer. We're still working out how to do the RSS feeds, so check back in a day or two if things don't work.
Photos from the spring of 2005 around the Grand Canyon. Many of these images also appear in our "AZ, 86023" book at
Photos from the spring of 2004 around the Greek Islands.
Some of our best stuff from the 3D comics here at Many of these images also appear in our Cybernomicon Portfolio at
Art from the Story of Phil with a crazy soundtrack, this will entertain you greatly. For the full story, check out the Phil comic at