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Welcome to Weirdass Comic's new PSP comics section.

First up is "The Story of Phil", a graphic novella by writer Ancram Hudson and artist Mitch Waxman, which we've reformated specifically for the Sony PSP.

To download the Story of Phil to your PSP,
download this zip file (76 images- click here to see an actual image), and place it in your PSP Photo folder. For detailed instructions on this, proceed to this link, or download the mac shareware program PSPWare which simplifies things immensely.

To preview the story in traditional HTML, click here to view it in a new browser window.

To purchase a printed comic of "Phil" click here to go to Comixpress, one of our on-demand printers.


PSP Movies.

Mitch Waxman went a little nuts making these. He used Apple's Garageband to produce soundtracks to play under his mindbending graphics, and produced both DVD and PSP versions of these shorts. More on the DVD version later, but for now:

To preview these short films in your browser (if you are at work, you might want to turn down the volume on your PC),
click here for Cybernomicon (8.07 megs),
for Phil (11.11 megs),
for the Mechanoplasts (777 KB).

(Quicktime required).The previews are heavily optimized for internet display, the actual and far larger movies in the zip files are DV quality.

Download a zip file of the Cybernomicon here.

Download a zip file of an art-only version of The Story of Phil here.

Download a zip file of The Mechanoplasts here.