Black Marble Horror
We had this one printed in Black Marble
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From our 2004 calendar
A Weirdass digital painting
Possible cover for the terror war. Spoilers!!!
Part of the last batches of 3D art produced for the site
Some Cthuloid thing
Experimental art produced for Lenticular Printing
Zombies!!! Living Dead!!! Zombies!!!
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A close up of the art for Six Weirdass Stories Comics Now More than ever
The startling truth of our times as revealed in graphic narrative... also- check out the Weirdass Comics Blog
Today's Installment of "The Terror War", Story by Ancram Hudson, Art by Mitch Waxman
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Only one who possesses a monopoly on fear itself can be the ultimate winner in a war of terror

With both Hampton Jitney and Claverack Hillsdale missing after the events detailed in "By the Numbers", certain forces- long exiled from our universe- begin to seep back into the world of men and the notice of man's governments- sparking off a Terror War.

Follow this ongoing storyline from as it transits from parapolitical to paramilitary and paranormal. Origins and introductories, premises and foreshadows. To see a similar set of exploratory stories that set the ground for the Starry Ones, look to the far left column

Dwight Eisenhower Message in a Bottle
By executive order, every American President since Kennedy has been shown this film, recorded by General Eisenhower in 1944. Message in a bottle
Blowback Captain Roger Healy Blowback
Capt. Roger Healy found something while on duty in Iraq. Something he has brought home with him. Blowback
United States Special Security is watching everything, everywhere. Don't worry.They won't allow a cult in Iraq to make trouble. Sources and Methods
Fara's brother Aziz is off fighting the Americans. Fara wishes she could help him drive the infidels out of their hometown of Warka, Iraq. Then, she finds this amulet... Hudood
Special Security is tasked with protecting America from esoteric threats. Its methods are rough, but necessary... So says Paul Waffen, United States Secretary of Special Security A Person of interest
Disguised as a bumbling texan politician, the smartest man alive fights for truth, justice, and the survival of all mankind. George W. Bush, Supergenius
In a manmade cavern below an ancient Persian city, 3 lords of terror- Osama Bin Laden, The Real Saddam, and Mahmoud Ahemdinejad gather... Deep below Tehran
Capt. Roger Healy returns to active duty at the Tora Bora cave complex in Afghanistan. Special Forces
No one stands at the gates of the old forest since Hillsdale went missing. No one but they who watch... The Cats
The UK is a partner in the Terror War. The Black Ministry is activated, and Bess Browne is Her Royal Majesties Parnanormalist Bess Browne
Kastanet, the Gilded Witch, just when she was starting to go crazy 10 years ago...
The Stealth Fleet is one the US Navy's most closely guarded secrets, as are some its sailors Abel Marsh
Sometimes, when you knock over an anthill, unexpected things can and will happen Unintended Consquences
America's Supergenius President is building war machines, and pacifying Warka, Iraq Operation Minuteman: Model Z
Hillsdale gave Amity Steinway a ring of power, which staves off the venom which will end her life. What is the ring saying in her dreams? The Radiant
Four princes gather in the twilight of their rule, to gaze in wonder at the latest American advance in fighting technology The Great Powers
Deep beneath Manhattan, a King in Yellow builds his great magickal wheel. Who is he? The Victim Souls
Ms. Seven returns to root out coruption inside Nomus Patri itself. The New Boss
Unlike his clone that the americans found hiding in a hole, the Real Saddam has never given up Man of War
This is what George W. Bush dreams of every night and what he has sworn America to fight Flash Foward: 2025
Version 2 of the Minuteman project is sent into action Operation Minuteman: Model Y
Off the Greenland coast, a tribe of degenerate Esquimaux see their gods returning Return of the Toornasook
This Pope was the chief exorcist of the Catholic church... Lucifer Vs. Pope Benedict XVI
Experimenting with biological weaponry is forbidden, but George W. Bush dares! The trouble with Stem Cells
The lunar city of Lem hosts they who watch. They must do their part. The Dark Winged ones who live on the Moon...
There were 3 men, aboard a ship called the Emma in 1925, and... The South Pacific
One day, a freighter full of rubber duckies ran into trouble at sea... The Dark Winged Ones
Thicked thewed, the raven tressed titan is the scourge of the Trolls... The Coming of Krulak
The Alternative Information Network returns to the air... Armonk Ossining, Newsman
The foundry of America's modern day Hephaestes is visualized herein Sparta Base
Before leaving for the Deep Earth, Amity makes the mistake or running into herself... The Awakening

The Skeleton Prince and other old friends return to the storyline. The End of the Beginning

There is a cult, whose origins are a mystery, that shall never die... 4 moments of Terror
In Warka, Iraq, Capt Healy meets the assyrian storm god Pazuzu. Pazuzu
In the Yucatan, a child will release the power of a serpent god Hope
Melqart works for Lucifer, but when Satan asks a favor, you try to accomodate him The Black Bishop
Model X joins Capt. Healy in Warka as they try to capture or kill Pazuzu Pazuzu Three

These are the sort of things ole Mitch dreams about. Nasty, slithering things with boots and knives. Enter the nightmare here
The story of a man caught in a personal hell. His journey of transformation began when the Alien Overlords conquered the Earth.
The Story of Phil
Check out our Cybernomicon Video (served by Youtube) collecting art from "The Starry Ones" and "By the Numbers" with a soundtrack
Cybernomicon Video
Ancram Hudson supplies this timeline of the Claverack Hillsdale franchise from it s earliest incarnation right up to today Claverack Hillsdale Historical Time Line
Thanks to Project Gutenberg, we are proud to present the work of the master himself. HP Lovecraft's
Dagon, Cats of Ulthar, The Tomb.
An old buddy of ours, Russ is a bit of a genius, as we think you'll agree. Click here for some AMAZING artwork or join his army of supplicant lackies at Lulu
Catherine Penfold likes to paint her crazy cartoon cats on ceramics. Check out Catherine Penfold 's Ceramics
The Starry Ones spawned lots of cool art that got covered in lettering. Here's some of it sans letters
We met Mark Mayers over at renderosity. We love zombie movies and do 3D comics. Mark has married them together beautifully in Deadrise
These are the sort of things ole Mitch dreams about. Nasty, slithering things with boots and knives. Enter the nightmare here
Nathan Comb photographs very pretty women who seem to have something odd on their minds. Nathan Combs, Photography
A mad hun, Roadkill is a well known character around Manhattan and other places. Check out Mr Macabre Roadkill
The Tesseracting Jairn built beamships were the foundation of Grey power over the galaxy spanning Empirate. See what these babies do here.
Mitch Waxman did a series of these back int he eraly 90's. Another goofy fad, it still produced some fun art. Check out the Weirdass Pogs
Check out some of the hand painted coffee mugs Mitch Waxman does to relax, and to drink coffee from.
Hand painted Ceramics
John Rovnak and Justin Atherton contribute this tale of a personal relationship with the dark one. Hey, the devil can be a real jerk sometimes.
Chet and the Devil

These are "arc stories", just not necessarily a part of the main narrative found in the long-form stuff like "Starry Ones" and "By the Numbers". Saying that, the origins of many key characters are found in these tales.

You'll see Mitch Waxman's first fumbling attempts at 3D, as well as some of the more modern Golden Horde stuff is here. The oldest of these stories was probably drawn not too long after Mitch finished the art on Deadworld:Necropolis for Caliber and was part of the original collection of comics when Weirdass launched back in 2000. The youngest probably dates to mid 2005.

The folly of the Elder Race was to attempt to evolve past perfection. Witness the birth of Fthlagen.
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The story of a man caught in a personal hell. His journey of transformation began when the Alien Overlords conquered the Earth.
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Ship finds a curious bipedal android floating inert in Space. Meet the RoboGrrl
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On Planet Rossum, the machines have lost all purpose since the events detailed in the Starry Ones concluded. Meet the 3 Mekka.
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There are many servants of the Old Ones scattered about the cosmos. They are calling out to their brethren on Earth, but who is answering?
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The Old Ones need a powerful wizard, one not motivated by the demands of flesh, to accomplish their goals. Meet the Skeleton Prince.
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Ever wonder where Hampton Jitney gets all his magickal power from? It's all in your mind.
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Since the events detailed in the Starry Ones concluded, Empirate Space has lost any sense of law & order. From this chaos emerges the enigmatic Golden Horde.
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On a Zombie Planet, where only the dead walk, arrive the Hordemen. Pirates, terrorists, thieves... What is their mission ? Who are they? What are their ultimate Goals? The mystery deepens...
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Kastanet announces to the Golden Horde that the time has come for the galactic power vacuum to be filled.
Horde preview one- here
When the Golden Horde show up in your stratosphere making demands, its best to comply.
Horde preview two- here
A lone Hordeman is sent into enemy space and encounters another old friend from the Starry Ones.
Horde preview three- here
A flash forward story, not unrelated to the 2025 story in the terror war.
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This is the very first Lovecraftian story that Ancram and Mitch worked on back in 1999
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Another early effort from the dynamic duo of Ancram and Mitch. This one intros Armonk Ossining and his Alternative Information Network
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The Old Ones have been around mankind since we left the caves. Check out Love Story.
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Shaw House has a demon in it. Claverack Hillsdale, the Demonologist, can help.
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Weirdass things happen in Texas. Especially on the back roads, late at night.
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Who is not dead,
but instead lies dreaming?

What is it that does not die,
but may, for strange aeons lie?

Where is the great gate,
and what lurks behind it?

Why are dark secrets held in the
dread Necronomicon coming true?

How can you know what it is,
that moves through the heavens?

Ancram Hudson
and Mitch Waxman's
Stunning Graphic Novel
for the web-
The Starry Ones is a daily comic strip that ran daily for 173 weeks from April 2000- August 2003.
Set in a world of far flung alien empires, dueling wizards, and a returning race of demonic Old Ones, this is the very core of the Weirdass Comics universe.

Something strange has happened to the Grey.
And So it Begins...
Arthur Dorset is reborn as Simyan, prophecied Keyholder of the Old Ones.
The Transfiguration
of Arthur Dorset
The conflict that will tear the universe apart truly begins when the Goon return.
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The Grey attack the Karzon Empire, and the mighty Cestus war machine.
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Simyan Keyholder attacks Camp Frasier to win the black book from the U.S. Government.
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The Grey attack the Karzon Homeworld Tamiat, loosing bloody Havok.
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From amongst the machines, a digital messiah shall arise.
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The universe that the Old Ones claim is his property, and Lucifer Morningstar will defend his rights.
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IA, IA, the gate is opened, and the Old Ones are free.
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An army of orthodoxy, the angels maintain a staus quo.
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Exiled Fthlagen, folly of the Elder Race, is free!
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Enter the armies of order, lead by the Electric Witch Robogrrl.
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Hampton Jitney worked long and hard to create Simyan and facilitate the release of the Old Ones. When his cosmic insurgency failed- he lost everything, including his religion, most of his magickal strength, and control over his tower in Manahttan. Still the greatest of wizards, Jitney is a shadow of himself after the exertions detailed in the Starry Ones.
The immortal wizard, who is known in the mortal world as the owner of the global investment bank Nomus Patri, has seen six centuries of investment wither away due to the interference of another wizard- The Hooded Man- Claverack Hillsdale.
Despite his weakness, Jitney will have revenge served hot to him by a shadowy global cabal of Nomus Patri executives who are called The Numbers.
Meet Ms. Seven, Nomus Patri's far east Managing Director and mistress of Tengu Island-
Part 1: Ms Seven
The Indian subcontinent's division of Nomus Patri is called Pita Ka Naam. Its Director is the brutal nationalist Rajah Six-
Part 2: Rajah Six
Mexico is home to Nomus Patri's division three- and Nomus Patri's very own capitalist philosopher.
Part 3: Senor Tres-
In frozen Patagonia, Hampton Jitney has installed Don Quatro as head of operations for Nomus Patri.
Part 4: Don Quatro
Ansara, Turkey hosts Nomus Patri's byzantine division, and is property of the Ottoman.
Part 5:Suntan Five
At the heart of darkest Europe is le Fleur de Nomus Patri, a viper nesting in the European Union.
Part 6: Le Monsieur Huit
A man whose dearest wish is to kill god and ascend to the throne of supreme being, Hampton Jitney is not a man with whom one fecks lightly.
Part 7: The Boss
Meet Gunther, he's in NYC for the first time. Gunthe- aka Reichsfuhrer Baron Gunther Shweinatem- is the last Nazi vampire. Also- He's Mr. One
Part 8: The Competition
"Between a Roc
and a hard place"

The Demonologist-
Claverack Hillsdale- investigates a series of Thunderbird encounters
in the american midwest
Part 9: the Bait
"Casefile of
the Blue Raptor"

Hillsdale travels to Florida, investigating sightings of a living dinosaur.
Part 10: The Hook
"Casefile of
the Red Dragon"

Chelsea Piers sends word to Hillsdale that a Dragon has been sighted in Brazil.
Part 11:The Hook

Ever wonder why Hillsdale and Jitney hate each other so much?
Part 12: The Two Wizards

The fiendish potential of Hampton Jitney's Web of Y'ugso'goth is revealed
Part 13: The Sinker
A lotus of evil unfolds, as Jitney makes one last desperate attempt at ultimate power, and Amity Steinway finds herself in trouble.
Part 14: The Closer