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Hear one, hear all... our second character download at is here. We are giving away one of the Renn, the insect philosphers of Rennala.

The model is in Poser 4 (pz3) format and has been stuffed into a self extracting archive. For PC users, please check out either the Poser forum online or for instructions on conversion.

Model has only a rudimentary Poser 4 color texture, as we use Bryce for texturing. Made on a mac, it should expand out to around 1.2 megs. Please read the Legalese before download.

Click here to download one of the Insect Philosophers.

Click here to download a set of poses for the Renn.


The Renn

At right are the Renn as they appear in the Starry Ones, meeting with the Grey.