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The Occultist

Hollywood Pictures, 1936, Directed By Lark Smitts, Written by Ancram Hudson, ll, Starring: Thomas Austerlitz as Claverack Hillsdale, Stephen D. Chapelwaite as Ancram Hudson, Basil LeGrange as Hampton Jitney, and Lisa perry as Rochelle Hopewell

Definitely one of the weirdest movies to come out of tinseltown in the 1930's, this was Lark Smitt's last film before his horrible death in a fishing accident off the coast of Cuba in 1937. Austerlitz does a fine job, although his scottish accent sounds fake most of the time.

Synopsis:Sir Conan Hopewell dies and leaves the family mansion to his socialite daughter Rochelle. Little does she realize that the house contains a secret which evil financier Hampton Jitney wants. She sends a letter to America and our favorite demonologist treks to the British Isles to discover the secrets of Welsh Castle.