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Harmonic Divergence

Venue: BlucherHaus, Antwerp, Germany

An English art band that included the future Mrs Ancram Hudson, Moonbeam Palantine. Considered a monumental force in the underground music scene, they performed their rock opera "Claverack Hillsdale is REAL, Man" only twice, as audience members were found dead after each show. This, coupled with the mysterious death of drummer Miles O. McBroniker, broke Harmonic Divergence and they split up in 1973.

Strange phenomenon continued to dog the former members. Sallie Mae Stutz found herself the unwilling focus of a cult, who proclaimed her their high priestess. Until her death in 1998, the cult continued to send her petals which they believed she ate. Gunther Oppenhegele was found dead in his London flat, partially consumed by his cats (though there was some surprise that the two small creatures could devour 60lbs of meat). Florio Scuzzi was last seen entering a Hall of Mirrors at Hastings Funfair, Sussex. He did not reappear.

Moonbeam and Bon Romanoff are, at the time of printing, still alive.